Chapter 4-09

3 thoughts on “Chapter 4-09

  1. Well, THAT’S awkward. Fantasizing and doing whatever on your own is one thing, but way to make him uncomfortable with your loud masturbation, Jinn! (At least I’m guessing he hears? That’s how i interpreted it given the speech bubbles)

    Loving the new pages, dunno why it took me so long to read them!

    1. I’m so glad you like the new pages! I absolutely adore the idea she’s literally so loud everyone can hear her lol XD It wouldn’t stop her! When I drew this page I imagined that because of the way her bit of magic works, Devi can hear/sense her because she’s focusing on him, so it’s almost like being visited by a horny ghost.

      1. I read this comment a month ago and have thought of the phrase “visited by a horny ghost” multiple times since, it tickles me so!

        Gotcha about that being part of her magic! Glad you liked the idea of everyone hearing her, though!