Chapter Four

Chapter four of Red Rabbit is officially complete, and will begin posting two pages a week starting July 3rd. Thanks for patiently waiting, happily not as long as last time!

Weekly updates, for now!

Chapter three has already been updating for a few weeks, and will continue to add two new pages every weekend until the chapter is complete! I’m in progress on chapter four, but like always can’t this moment guarantee a completion date. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading! If you’re interested in print copies of any of the three chapters, you can purchase them in my shop.

Chapter Three In Progress!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that chapter three of Red Rabbit is halfway through the penciling stage, and should be done within the next few months. Thank you so much for following this passion project of mine, and your patience while I balance Life And Everything Else in between making more of it!

Pages will try to be as weekly as possible!

With my current schedule (working full time, commissions, conventions, and the usual hubbubb of life) – I will try to update with a new page every Sunday. Thank you so much for reading this little fledgeling that I’m gradually giving wings, it’s been struggling to get out of my system for an unholy number of years.